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Angry Charlie's soap and smelly dipes

I just started washing our BG's with Charlie's soap and I really can't say I'm that impressed...granted, my ds has been having really smelly poops lately (he's 2.5 yo) but the diapers still smell of poop after the wash. I do a cold rinse, hot wash, cold rinse routine with the Charlies. I also rinsed the diaper in the sink and washed it right after it was pooped in so it didn't sit in the pail at all. It's happened both times he's pooped in the BG's, could it be that the suedecloth just retains the smells more?

Any advice? Would vinegar in the rinse cycle help? I'm trying to impress dh with how easy CD'ing is and so far, I can't say it's working
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