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Re: What do you "expect" from a 15 month old?

It all sounds normal for an active 15 month old to me, but certain relatives think my kids are brats so who knows. Just keep redirecting and distracting him. Definitely let him know it's not okay to hit. I used to say "No hitting" and sit my kids down on the floor, turn around and ignore them for about 30 seconds. They don't like to be ignored. Yes, they do have tantrums at that age. They can't tell you what they want, so they scream. If he does point at things, you can say what they are to help him learn. You could try baby signing too. There are books that explain it and show you the common signs. Also look for child development books. They will tell you what is common at each age. There may be websites for this stuff too, but I haven't checked, since it's been so long since I've been a first time parent. No internet back then. Boy I feel old!!
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