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Re: KAL ~ Knit for FALL! Sept 9 - Sept 15

Originally Posted by knibert View Post

Race was HOT! came in 19th in my age group but in the 400's out of the 1800 registered. I just wanted to finish under 30 min and I barely got it 29:22. Not the greatest time but I'll take it.

don't know what I'll do today. I have a feeling it will be more relationship talks w/DH.....sigh. He sent me a text last night while he was sobering up downtown that he feels like he is running out of time to make things better..ahhh...can we say midlife crisis?????
Congratulations on your race! for DH issues

Originally Posted by OrangeBananas View Post
I love those! Do you have a pattern? I want to try to make some for Avery.

I am knitting I-Cords today, weee .
Savannah, check out the saartje booties - fleegle has a version that is seamless too.

Originally Posted by JeDeeLenae View Post
Here's the different skeins.

On Cestari Superfine:


There's no copper in the Superfine. But, I still love it.
Those are gorgeous!

Originally Posted by 808mamaof2 View Post
Finishe the boys appt. and they did great! No cavities and C actually let her clean his teeth. He usually has sensory issues with the sound. So proud of them!

No off to DH's dentist. Packed iPads for the shorties and knitting for me.
Yay for the great dentist visit! I'm petrified of Pi's first visit, he freaks out about teeth in general.

I finished Pi's birthday sweater last night and he adores it.

I got a tiny bit of knitting on my storyteller done at soccer, otherwise I've been adjusting and adjusting and adjusting the Matchless to try to get it to work. Plus side, my sock yarn I'm spinning is really pretty.
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