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I prefer you pm me because it's hard for me to keep track of who replies to this thread. Also, yes I do cut in half yards but not dc!

I wanted to add that when you put your request in I will guess on shipping because I have cut too many fabrics for people and then they don't pay and I'm stuck w/the cut. If you want to do the math yourself you can rough estimate the fabric. Knit fabrics weigh around 8 or 9 oz per yd. So 2 yds would be a tiny bit over 1 lb. My zip is 89032 if you want to calculate.


I am officially closing down my business since I had to get an out of home job and need to get rid of most of my supplies. I have so much to list so I'll keep updating this thread w/more pictures on a regular basis. I don't know measurements of everything listed but I can measure for you once you request that print. If I know the measurement I'll include in listing.

Prices do not include shipping. When requesting fabric please include your zip code so I can give you an accurate ship quote. I can fit up to 2 yds of fabric in a FRE ($5 ship), around 8 yds in med FRB ($10.95). I do have a scale so I will try to find you the best shipping method. The more you buy the cheaper it gets when going thru fedex. I have a fedex really close to my house so if you get a lot of fabric the price will be less overall. Payments must be made within 24 hours. If I have not received payment by then I will have to move on to the next person. I do ask that you please send payment as goods and always include your ds screenname so that I know who you are. I will ship internationally but I will only go on the weekends for now.

This is on a first pay first serve basis. When requesting fabric please include the following:
1. Name
2. Zip Code
3. Fabric you want

Knits - $7/yd unless noted otherwise
Tropical Breeze jersey - 3 yds (I also have a small cut of 29" for $3) - $3.50/yd $3/yd

Pink tropical flowers on yellow rib knit - 1 yd $5 $3

Trex rib knit - 2 yds shrunk a little - $5/yd $4/yd

Michael Miller knit #5 - 27" $6 $5.50

Camo Airplane rib knit - $8/yd $7/yd

Spiders rib knit - 2 yds prewashed, has shrunk a little bit - $9/yd $7/yd

Naughty or nice rib knit - 1 yd but oddly cut $5 $3

Pink Camo - 1 1/2 yd $8/yd $7/yd

Camo jersey - 2 cuts: 1 yd 14" & 1 yd for $6/yd $5/yd

Pink Ballerinas - 1 yd w/a dc cut out of it $4 $2

Purple Dog & Flowers - 2 yds $2/yd $1/yd

Stretch Poly Lycra Blue Asian - 1 yd 26" $5/yd $2/yd

Stretch Poly Lycra Pink Asian - 1 1/2 yd $5yd $2/yd


Christmas print - 16.5" w/8x8 square cut out $2

Fairies rib knit - 22" $3

Sesame Street Elmo rib knit - 38"x33" $6 $5

Hand on hand monkeys yellow - 33"x32" $6 $5

Lovely clowns french terry - 33"x32" $6 $5

Teddy bear on blue - 1/2 yd $3 $2
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