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Re: Epic thrifty FAIL

I have been couponing for about 5 years and have never had a problem interpreting a coupon until I read what you (OP) posted. I feel very confident in my ability to determine the intention behind the coupon regardless of a loop hole. In this case, I really couldn't tell by the wording if they were offering a BOGO or a price cut for people wearing the jerseys. I very well might have thought the same as you with that wording.

I do not see it as a straight forward BOGO. There are ways they could have worded it to make it more clear, for example "one free menu item with purchase of a full price menu item."

If I were you, I might write a quick email about reconsidering the wording on future coupons but beyond that it would just be a reminder to me to ask before ordering just in case.
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