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Originally Posted by mayliz View Post
There could be lots of reasons for low sex drive in both men and women, including stress, basic personality or a medical situation. At his age, I am not sure a doctor will jump the gun to prescribe something without doing a full assessment. Has this situation been going on for a long time or is it a recent development?
Seems strange to me too, going straight to testosterone. Did he have blood work and testing? DH and I are open about everything now including health stuff so I'm used to more detail. He probably would've had me come because he knows he sucks at remembering medical details and would want me to know what was going on and be involved.

I think it's important to sit down together and discuss risks and benefits of treatment options. In the end it's his decision and you should support that, but he may want some help in determining the best course of action and you should know what side effects and reactions to watch out for, KWIM?
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