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Re: My out of control toddler... HELP

well, my kids are not that age yet, but i did work with preschoolers for a number of years. 2 things came to mind first--is she getting any alone time with you? i know that is hard to coordinate with what sounds like a high-needs infant. is there anyone who can take care of the baby while you take her to the park, or the library, or jsut out for a walk, or whatever it is she would like to do? i know, those suggestions probably sound ridiculous! LOL! but, whatever it is you think would work, yaknow? she needs to have some alone time with you. also, when you are nursing/feeding the baby, give her a task. some women give the toddler a bunch of baby onsies to snap, or read to her while you are nursing. does she have a video she likes to watch? maybe one she can only watch while the baby is nursing. don't be tempted to let her watch just a few more mins though.

the other thing i thought was is she getting enough sleep? you mentioned bedtime was a struggle. do you have a soothing, consistent bedtime routine? if not, now is the time to start. make it fun, personal, just for her time. as much as you can, that is. is her daddy home at that time? maybe he could put her to bed, or take care of the baby while you put her down. bath, reading, quiet play in her room, puzzles, a few songs maybe...just a few suggestions.

good luck dear. i can hear your frustration, and believe me, you are not alone.
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