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Re: My out of control toddler... HELP

well..not that you can do anything about it, lol, but 2-2.5 is really the HARDEST time for a child to get a younger sibling...there is just so much going on for a 2 year old, and then being usurped and suddenyl taking a backseat to a new is difficult for the best of them, and VERY difficult for more sensitive/needy children. In terms of their own development, it is a time when they most need personal attention from a parent....testing their independence is scary, and they need your way more now than at 1 or 1.5.
You older child is acting out, pure and simple...

The problem can't do much about it...even if you gave her a full 50% of your time and energy (and, let's face it, she's probably getting quite a bit less than that) is still going to be SO MUCH LESS than what she was getting before, and so much less than what she optimaly needs.

the good news is......this will pass!

like the pp said..try to give as much attention...personal attention, as possible....and eventually, she will not only get used to the new sibling, but also simply grow out of the age/developmental state that she is currently in....

you picked a particularly difficult spacing in terms of older child adjustment......of course, with any child spacing, there are pros and cons, and each family has different needs.....but for this patrticular spacing, what you are going through is completely normal...many moms have gone through it, and you will (probably) live too. *smile*

You can try getting a routine, starting a special something with your older child..going to the park or ice cream store, anything, once a week or can try involving the older child in the younger child care...(please hand mommy the diaper, etc)...really encourage all the "big girl" things older child can do, that baby can't...."YOU get to color in your can't do that, etc.."

and again..just know that even if you didn';t have a new baby...this is just a difficult time for little humans in general..she would be going through difficulty no matter what..the new baby is just extra icing on the cake, lol!
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