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Question Please help: pink eye or allergies? abx? BM?

My 22 month old started having greenish "eye boogers" on Friday. As the day went on, her eyes seemed a little pink to me. She has woken up with crusties the past two mornings, and occasionaly blobs each day. She has rubbed her eyes more than usual, and she told me her eyes were a boo boo. It doesn't seem to be getting worse. Better, if anything. It seems like it's bacterial pink eye according to, but it doesn't seem too bad. What I remember was pretty miserable.

I haven't put anything in her eyes yet. I know breastmilk can help. I thawed one of my last bags yesterday (I have dried up because of my pregnancy), but I didn't put it in in time & lost it . I thought MIL would do it, and I hate strapping her down for a fight, TBH.

My point is, I don't know if it's the contagious stuff, and I hate to send her to a mainstream Doc. if it's not, but I hate to miss work on Tuesday if it's still around. Her sitter is a LLL leader, but she's a stickler when it comes to meds.

What do I do????
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