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Re: Fuzzibunz OS and Charlie Banana OS

I haven't tried much of anything. I did set it out in the sun, but not for long and it didn't budge. Wondering if bleach would work, but i've never used bleach on any of my diapers, so i've been hesitant to try. I inherited these diapers from a friend and this was the only one that came with a stain. I know I have the large inserts for both, but I don't have the smalls. I can include some Charlie Banana small inserts with the two fb if you would like some small inserts. I have a ton of inserts, just not sure I have the smalls that belong to these fb diapers.

PM'd you about the offer.

Originally Posted by iblindsey View Post
Wondering what you tried to get the stain out of the one diaper?
Also, are there any inserts included with these? Big or small?
Would you take $25 ppd for all three?
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