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Re: Washed in Tide... dipes now stink :(

That seems like alot of processing for stink? If you have access to hot water in your kitchen sink or tub. I would soak them in that with a squirt of dawn..and keep rinsing them in hot water til the suds go away, and then try washing with your soap of choice.

The scented tide however, may still be a culprit in residue. More soap = more water rinsing, lots of water. Thats why RG is great when it comes to rinsing out. Also, your water may not be that hard to use the Hard Rock version of RG. I use classic rock here in South Texas and do 3 scoop washes. In my GE He, I do 2 rinse and spins with no spin and extra rinse(all cold) then I start up a hot wash.

So water HAS to be your friend in this one or else you have nothing but residue.

The process you are using with vinegar, oxyclean and all that is actually a way to void your diaper warranty.
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