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Re: When did your morning sickness start to leave?

Originally Posted by brookglen View Post
I don't think morning sickness or lack there of is a good indicator of a healthy pregnancy, although there is definitely some dispute about that. I've always gotten sick while pregnant, but my friend who is currently 8 weeks pregnant with twins has not a single symptom. I've heard of women who had a few days here and there and then there are women who have all the symptoms in the book and go on to miscarry anyway. If you're truly concerned then it is better safe than sorry to put a call into your doctor, but really unless you're cramping and bleeding then things are probably just fine.

I can totally relate though. I'm 23 weeks into my pregnancy after losing one in March and the first 14 weeks were absolutely fraught.
I'm a nervous wreck through this whole thing. No cramping, bleeding, pain, or anything. Just... not feeling pregnant today. :/ Ergh. I hate this.
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