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Re: Happy Homemakers -- January 2013

I got in 3 boxes full of stuff from FSA from year end, including a new pump and supplies. This morning I took care of 1 of them, I need to go through the other 2 boxes this weekend.

I'm starting to feel like my downstairs at least isn't embarrassing, and if company was coming over, a quick tidy up for 5 minutes would make the place look very decent. A lot of what I DO see scattered down there (aside from ever present toy clutter here and there) is stuff hubby 'set aside' for me - a fabric cut for mama cloth he didn't know where it needed to be, some 24 month onesies I need to chop and serge for Pixie, etc. If I get a naptime to work through today I'll be trying to put away or deal with those little odds and ends.

My top shelf at my desk had been overflowing with clutter yesterday, today about 2/3 of it is gone, and MUCH more organized.

Yesterday in a newly reorganized cupboard I located 2 homemade wool wash bars too, so I'll set those aside for baby E!
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