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Re: Happy Homemakers -- January 2013

Originally Posted by leyash View Post
Completed Friday:

Cleaned up hallway - gathered toys/clothes
100 edited
20 written
1 article
Cleaned out tupperware cabinet
Seriously girl, you are inspiring. How the heck do you get so much DONE?! :-)

I never did manage to change the sheets or clean up our bedroom last night. I got sidetracked reorganizing all my papercrafting stuff... which led to reorganizing my sewing stuff... which led to reorganizing all of our living room shelves. So they are nice and clean, DD has more space, my craft/sewing stuff is more accessible (but glue guns and exacto's are up high), and I did it all without buying any more "storage solutions" lol.
DH's fabulous, fabulous commission check was... 1/4 of what was expected :-( so no steam mop for me. Boo.
DH should be changing the sheets this AM. I really, really will clean up our bedroom tonight, and I need to move all my fabric stash to its new home!
Tomorrow starts a "downstairs week" so the kitchen and living room will be getting nice and squeaky-clean!
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