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Re: My 15 yr old

Originally Posted by keonli View Post
You're just going to have to trust him, mama. Talk to him openly about safe sex and remind him that he has the rest of his life ahead of him.

When I was 16, I began seeing my now DH who was 19 going on 20. Of course my parents freaked out. They grounded me over and over, which made me more intent on continuing to date DH. I was still focused on school, friends, and family, but they just would not trust me with an older man (looking back, I guess I can't blame them but now they realize that I had the upper hand in the relationship the entire time and wear the pants in the relationship, hehe).

Give him his options and his freedom and hopefully the girl isn't as bad/mature as you think she is.
I do trust him to some extent. I also know teens lie if they think they will not get caught. He was honest, but could go to her parents house who are not home. We have talked safe sex and condoms, which I give him. I hope he does not trust the I am on the pill stuff and find out the hard way she was not or something.

I was with an older guy at his age, too. But we matched in maturity levels.

Originally Posted by MDever View Post
Ugg that sucks! Something about older girls dating younger boys during teen years is just weird to me. This girl is nearly a legal adult I certainly had no interest in 15yo boys when I was that age. FWIW we were not allowed to drive in the car with friends until we had our own license. My mom was SUPER strict about that rule. Here in Maryland there are laws about teens driving together.
See that is why I worry. What nealy legal girl wants an immature 15 yr old boy?? I do not worry about the car other than she may convince him to have sex there. I worry about sex, babies, and his future.
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