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Re: Okay to give my weaned toddler breastmilk?

Originally Posted by Ooey View Post
Another failed attempt at getting the baby to take a bottle has left 4 oz of thawed breast milk that I have to toss if it doesn't get used in the next few hours. Do you think it's okay to put it in my toddler's sippy cup? Is that a weird thing to do I figure it's a shame to waste it and it's pretty good for her right?

Poor girl has been very politely asking to nurse every day for the last week (after 3 months of not nursing) and I keep having to turn her down because I don't think I could handle nursing a toddler and an infant. I feel like at least she would be getting some milk this way, that is if she would even take it from the sippy cup.
Kaela, if Whilder hasn't nursed for 3 months, she very likely won't know how to do it anymore anyway. Claire weaned in December (she was 2 1/2) and when Oliver was born in April, she asked to nurse and & I said "Okay" and when she tried, she did it all wrong and couldn't get anything. She never asked again. My LLL leader has said that is very common - once they wean, they forget the complex mouth/tongue motions needed to get any milk.
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