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Re: January 2012!!

I'll join in! I am due Jan. 1. Not planned at all, but I am excited about having another little one. I found out right away, and already had my first prenatal appt. with the exam, blood work, etc. They think I am farther along than I know I am because I know my period was erratic because I was ON birth control!!! but I could tell as soon as implantation started, I was the same way with the first, I just could tell.
Anyways, I go for my ultra sound the 27th to determine the real dd, but my calculation puts me for a New Years baby. I will be around here more often again and would be happy to join a dd forum

We are not telling anyone yet, other than my mom and best friend, because it's so early and there are other things to deal with first...but we are both excited and happy to be starting this journey again, together. I am letting it out here, but only because I don't know anyone on here that knows us irl hehe.

Congrats to all the expecting mamas!!!
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