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Re: New to cloth, some questions

Originally Posted by IloveDoris89 View Post
Hi, I am new to cloth and on a small small budget and my friend referred me. Awesome site BTW.

First question is, what are flats? Right now I am using receiving blankets until I can afford to buy some and my friends borrowed cover. In the picture of someones flat it kind of looked like a receiving blanket, is it similar to that?

Are all the colored linings the same size chart even if its different brand? Like would red edge be medium no matter who puts it out?

My friend said you need to put a cover on fitteds, why would they have designs on them if you need to put a cover over it?

With the covers and prefolds if its just pee can I wipe out the inside of the cover and put it over a new prefold, like if it didn't get poo on it and didn't smell would it be good to use that same cover the whole day?

When they poo do I need to rinse it out before I put it in bag or just scrap off as much as possible.

Also not diaper related question but I wanted to put my baby carrier on here for trade for diapers but it said I need to appy to be a seller, how do I do? Sorry not the most computer literate person at times.
1. Flats & receiving blankets are very similar. Most commonly flats are made from Birdseye cotton. Other materials used include bamboo (usually bamboo terry) and cotton gauze.
2. Size charts do not match from brand to brand. They should all list measurements before & after being washed. The after being washed/prepped measurements are the important ones.
3. same reason there are princesses & super heroes on underware, or you might choose a pink bra over an ivory one . A lot of people (myself included) also let LOs run around at home in fitteds without covers so a little more air circulates through to the bum & also so we can know immediately when our LOs need changes.
4. I would not wipe & immediately reuse any cover. Poo covers always went into my wet bag ASAP - same with pee covers if the dipe was soaked. If it was not a completely soaked pee cover I would wipe it out, hang it up or lay it flat to air out, then reuse it later in the day(not immediately). I think it's best to rotate 3 covers & if any of them have any hint of smelling like urine toss it in your wet bag & add another to the rotation.
5. I always rinsed anything with poo on it in cold water. It protects your fabrics from stains setting in, keeps them in better condition if you are planning on reselling later, and reduces the nasties that circulate around & multiply in your wet bag (reduces air born contaminates too).
6. I don't remember, but believe rules are listed in the FSOT forum.
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