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Re: Any chance a bamboo or hemp flat/prefold could absorb near 20oz?

Not bamboo and not hemp. I did test out my babee greens organic cotton prefold. It is the large size. Anyway when I added a preemie prefold the two combined held 20 oz of water without dripping any back into the pan. Now mind you they were totally and completely saturated but they were not dripping. I am sure I could squeeze some out easily if I wanted to but otherwise it did hold the required 20 oz. I actually made it to 22oz when it was on he verge of dripping. It amazed me as I thought no way a diaper could hold 20oz of fluid when I saw your post.

The babee greens prefold alone held 17oz. When I added the preemie prefold I was able to up the amount to 22oz. When I lifted both together I got no drips. When I lifted just the preemie prefold I got drips. So the bigger prefold was allowing the preemie prefold to hold more liquid than it otherwise would be able to hold.

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