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Re: Help me menu plan for this week!

Will he eat a "heavy" salad? My DH is a big meat person, like he thinks he needs it at every meal. I have been splitting one meat portion over two nights so he is eating meat, but not too much. He seems pretty happy with it.

One night I make a heavy salad - Saute bell pepper, corn, broccoli, red onion, whatever veggies we have in the fridge. Let them cool. Sear a good steak (I do one ribeye to feed three people) and then slice it nice and thin, but then bit sized. Add chopped cucumber and cherry tomatoes. Toss all together with a touch of ranch and a ton of arugula or spring mix. It's super filling, so my DH doesn't classify this in his "no salad for dinner" rule.

Next night I do rib eye over baked potatoes stuffed with chives, broccoli, and a touch of sour cream OR cheese. European style sour cream is not a lot of fat or calories in comparison to American, and greek yogurt can be subbed. Same idea with the ribeye, slice it up.

So, he eats one portion of meat but over two nights, thinks he is eating meat two nights, and hasn't complained. Can you find a way to do this with his limited likes?
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