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Re: Help me menu plan for this week!

I tend to have fun re-working less healthy stuff t make it healthier, can u give me some of his top faves? Maybe just some suggestions on how to tweak those will get u started my favorite switch we've made is ground beef combined 50/50 with ground turkey so it drastically reduces the fat but it's not like eating dry flavorless meatloafs, burgers and tacos and such. I too have been doing a lot of "stretching" of meats lately, taking 1# of hamburger meals and doing em with only half that, then it's only 1/4 of the fat it used to be also SMOOTHIES! You can get sooooo many good things in there, yogurt, fruits, honey, sometimes even spinach (serve it in a solid color plastic cup with a cover and dark straw and he'll never even notice its green cuz it doesn't taste like it!) ooh also check out Jessica Seinfelds cookbook deceptively delicious, she teaches a lot of fun ideas for hiding healthy stuff, so fun!

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