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Help Mamas!!!

I am nursing our 7th right now! And so I have years of experience. But he is 19 months old now, and killing me!! He does not eat much food b/c he has texture issues. So nursing has been such a blessing. I have other children that ended up with a feeding tube because of Failure to Thrive. Anyway, he is nursing every couple of hours, and most of the night. He is a healthy weight, and thriving.

But here is my issue, besides the fact that I have been glued to the couch for 19 months, I am in sooooo much pain. It all started in April 2012. My nipples were red and painful, sometimes with little cracks, and they burned. When he would latch on I felt like I could pass out. And then I would have ramdom pain even when he wasn't nursing. I finally ended up taking a total of 10 diflucan, and then I got strep throat, which took 2 separate rounds of antibiotics to clear up. So then, I was covered in yeast. So I took an additional 14 days of diflucan. And for a couple of months I felt fine. But unfortunately, the symptoms returned. But this time with deep pain, and very sensitive to touch, aches, flu like symptoms. So eventually I was treated for mastitis 3 times!!!!!! And I am still struggling!!!!! I have spoken with the LLL. And am currently following the candidas protocal, plus taking garlic for possible infection. But I am just at a loss!! And am soooo ready to throw in the towel!!

I know this was a ton of info! The only thing I have read about that I haven't done is have my doc test my milk to see if a certain bug is identified, so we know what we are treating. But my doc wants me to have a mamogram!!!!!! I still think this is a breastfeeding issue though!
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