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What is the most absorbent "local" natural fiber?

We are getting ready to leave on a trip and all of the sudden ds has developed this very serious pul /disposable diaper issue. So I made him some fleece covers (for some reason the fleece is ok,maybe because it is more breathable?) and I want to sew some soakers to snap into them (like a goodmama). They are only for night and he is a huge wetter so it needs to be very absorbent and natural fibers. But I won't have time to have something delivered,so it needs to be local. I have hobby lobby,joanns and hancock to choose from. I thought about flannel but after a few layers it starts to get stiff and I want something that will be flexible and not give him a brick butt. Is cotton jersey absorbent or maybe a combo of a few things? I have a bunch of muslin but it is so thin I figured that wouldn't be worth it.
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