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Talking Re: BF Poop Everywhere! What did I do wrong?

I have a 3mth old and a 2yr old in cloth.... (about 2mths now)
3mth old is EBF:
We use AIO's or covers w/ some sort of "liner" such as LL pocket diapers insert, a soaker, or even just a flat folded in 3rds. Now sometimes the BF poo doesnt stay on the "liner" & gets on the diaper or cover itself, but I dont think we have had any poo leaks. Or sometimes I use fitteds with a pull on cover.

And in case you dont know yet, since you are new to CDing, you can wash your diapers, covers, etc and then hang them in the sun and any/all stains just magically disappear! I was skeptical of that one until I tried it. I had some that he REALLY stained BAD, they were BRIGHT yellow stains & I thought: Sun? Yeah right. BUT I put them out & within a couple hours when I went back out to ck ALL the stains were gone! (Just figured I'd share...)
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