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Car Seats!

Let me start this by saying, that my first was pretty big (9#10oz and 23 inches) and his infant seat (an older model baby trend flex lock) only had a height limit of like, 26 inches.
We used the bucket seat for 3 months before we switched him over to a convertible car seat. (The MyRide65 to be specific) It wasn't much more of a hassle to have him in the convertible, except when we went shopping and had to have him in a carrier, or when we went to dinner and someone had to hold him because he wasn't big enough to sit up in a highchair/cart. But by 5 months that was a non-issue and he was sitting in carts/restaurant highchairs like a champ.

Here's my issue: I can't decide if I want to spend $100 on an infant carseat that we'll only use for a few months (I'll probably switch this one over when he/she gets too heavy, because I'm a wimp lol) but I don't know if I want to wake up a sleeping newborn in the dead of Montana winter because he/she's in the convertible and I can't carry the bucket seat in.
(My son's infant seat was given to crisis clinic when he outgrew it, so his old seat isn't an option.)

Here's the question, who's buying a convertible for their newest, and who's buying an infant seat?
Also, just for kicks- what kind are you getting?
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