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Organic formula without GMOs (genetically modified organisms)? Help!

Hi Mamas,

Unfortunately, BF'ing didn't work for DD #2 either, much to my dismay. And as I've been looking more deeply at what goes into the formulas out there, i get even more upset. Have done a lot of research, but I'd like to reach out to the wider audience here to see if i could learn from anyone elses research as well. My issue? Well there appears to be something bad in almost every formula, even the organic ones...and i can't find a single one certified to be without GMO. What i've gleaned so far:

I've narrowed it down to Baby's Only or Earth's Best, or possibly Holle from Germany and even inquired into one from Switzerland that Amazon reviewers recommended. Baby's Only scares me in that it's primary ingredient, brown rice syrup had been linked to arsenic. Earth's best - i'm not sure if the glucose syrup listed is as bad as the corn syrup for source of carbs...and it seems to have ingredients that may be GMO derived. And even Holle too. Then there's the concern about the added DHA/ARA which in most formulas is from a company called Martek and whose process uses hexane...inconclusive to me whether or not trace amts of hexane remain in the formula (i've read both pro and con arguments) - not a concern for Baby's only though. And for all of these, what about the BPA in packaging leaching into the formula? The EWG did an excellent executive summary about this and conclude powder is at least safer than the liquid formulas in regards to BPA leaching. Aaaagh!

Let's see, what's the least of the evils? Arsenic? Hexane? Bpa? GMOs? Not sure which i should worry about the most, though lately i've been coming down hard on GMO, based on what i'm learning and how they're sneaking it into our food supply Everywhere! (just do a search, or download from the Institute for Responsible Technology if you're curious)...

Help! Anyone have any suggestions? I do have concerns about making my own formula, so would not be interested in pursuing that avenue, thanks.
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