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Re: We got "fired" from our ped today

All I can say is you are better off without him. It took until my 3rd child was born to find a pediatrician I was comfortable with and who supported my views. He doesn't always agree but he supports me 100%. My ob/gyn is the same way. Both my ped and my ob encourage doing your own research and being an informed consumer of healthcare. They welcome questions and I couldn't imagine not having them as our doctors. I selectively vax and my ped actually supports that. His nurses sometimes put up a fight but he just tells them to relax. Assisted homebirth is illegal in GA so we were going to do an unassisted at home with our last pg (no flaming please). My dr supported me in that. He said he felt confident in our ability, I'd had 5 children, he'd been there at every one and he felt like it would be safe and he would do our prenatal care and do what he could to help out. Of course then I found out we were having twins and our homebirth plans went out the window. But, my point is, that you can find doctors, even mainstream doctors who are openminded and supportive of your parenting style.
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