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Re: We got "fired" from our ped today

Originally Posted by the1stkatlife View Post
I know how you feel! You know things that other people don't know, and you want to share your knowledge so that they can benefit!
I'm the same way. And once I tell someone something new, 90 percent of someones think that I am weird. The other 10 percent are grateful that I said something (usually at a later time, after they have had time to think about it or do some research!)
And I, too, sometimes offend people with my questioning or opinions. So I've learned a few tricks to help prevent offense being taken. But I wouldn't use these tricks on my doctor. He or she needs to know exactly how I feel about things in order to give my family the care is correct for us. Health and medical care are not things to mess around with, we as parents have to make sure that it is done right!
I prefer to find doctors that encourage their patients to question everything and to inform themselves about their healthcare. My doctor loves it when I say well, maybe, but I read an article the other day that mentioned trying such and such to treat that. Either it's something he has heard of but hadn't thought about or he hasn't heard of it and he will want to know more. But my doctors actually like that I challenge them and look for simpler solutions to problems. It makes me an active part of the process.
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