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Re: annoying relatives, complaining!

I've only got three little ones and each one of them developed at different rates. My oldest did start talking at about 7-8 months, walked fully by 9 months, running at 10... bunch of stuff. But my middle... she didn't talk till she was about 18 months, walked at 10 months, but potty trained by two. My baby, she's about 15 months, says about three words, didn't walk till she was 12 months.

I have laughed out loud to people that have critiqued the development of my children and I have told them "that's nuts" loud enough for them to hear. Most of the time I just shrug my shoulders, tell them "Eh, whatever... to each their own. My baby is doing JUST fine, but thanks for your concern."

Sorry your relatives are being a bit annoying... hope tomorrow is a better day!
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