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Re: annoying relatives, complaining!

Originally Posted by Fiveblessings
I swear, everyone over 50 claims that their children are walking, talking and using the potty by 9 months of age!
My Hannah's 9 months and she doesn't walk, talk, or even crawl yet (well, she army crawls). I'm not worried about her!
That is so true! Also, I have had it with relatives or "friends" who think they can say whatever they want and critique anyone's parenting style. I heard the same thing about why my oldest son wasn't walking (because I held him too much) or crawling (because he wears cloth diapers) or he is speech delayed (because I don't read to him enough--which isn't true)--he is developmentally delayed and it has nothing to do with any of those things. It is interesting now, because my youngest isn't delayed and I have worn him in a sling for even longer than my oldest! I like the idea of laughing loudly. I don't have any advice--but just wanted to say I know how that is and it is very annoying! (((HUGS))) (Also, I think what she said IS crazy: my youngest started saying some words around 15 months and walked at 12 months and my oldest didn't started actually talking until 2.5yrs and walking around 17months)
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