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I was going to say avoid the PACE system at all costs, but I see they don't have that. Not familiar with that one personally.

I went to a christian academy for a period of time as a child. I'll be totally honest, if you're not familiar with the teachers, get familiar with them. For example, I had one that did the morning bible session and she was just a flat out liar. Not just twisting passages to suit her opinions, but straight out LYING about some things. So I would find out where the teachers stand on their subjects, the lesson plans, etc. Not that they /would/ be improper like this woman was, but obviously it can happen. I assumed the teachers followed the preacher's teaching, and that wasn't always the case.

I would also assess the openness of the environment. Where I went was not very question friendly. They didn't care to have to explain things about the bible that I didn't understand. It was more of a, this is what it is and accept it because we said so, type of deal. Which (and this is why I say this) made me very hesitant to ever ask academic questions. I felt very stifled and restricted, and always on edge about offending someone with innocent curiosity or elaboration.

Beyond that I'm not much of a help I guess. We did our morning bible group, our work books, self-checked (which I can't stand as a grading system), had gym (which consisted usually of volleyball after a change to culottes, or ping pong in the game room if it was raining), we were never allowed to play with the boys (which made for really awkward interaction and social ability), more work books, and other random things pitched in.

But then again, I got asked not to come back because I confronted the lying woman publicly in group about it and argued with her, became labeled as 'corrupt' (yes, really) and all those that associated with me were labeled as 'tainted' by me and asked not to come back next year either. So... I don't think my experience was typical.

And I'm also apparently the devil. So take it with a grain of salt LOL

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