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Re: Generation to generation

My husband's family does. Unfortunately, his dad ruined it. It's his families' Italian red sauce recipe from generations ago. My husband's grandfather taught it to my husband's dad. Of course, it used to be made from scratch. My FIL (and MIL) are always looking for the easy way out. So, he took the sauce and started making it by starting with a jar of Ragu. He says that's the base. He embellishes it by adding wine, beef short ribs, sausage and a few other things. It doesn't taste like Ragu when he is done and it is good. But, it's so sad to me. His dad still says it's from scratch.

This is the sauce my husband grew up on and really loves. So, I make it now. But, I wish I knew how to do it from scratch. I've thought about trying to figure it out, but I'm not good at that. His dad does not remember. I've asked several times. When I ask, not only does he claim he doesn't know, but he acts like I'm an idiot for even wanting it and ridiculous for thinking it might be better to not take the short cut and actually do it from scratch. After all, what fool would take the time to actually make it when you can buy a "base?" *sigh* I know I already said this, but it's so very sad to me.

My MIL makes really yummy meat balls that she learned from her Italian father. I make them now and they are really good. I always get compliments on them. Yummy!!
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