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Unschoolers~~~ Can you give me some insight? Considering loosing the curriculum

Im not exactly sure what Im asking here.... We havent started anything formal with dd, so the shift would mainly be for ds. He went to prek at age 4 (just 4 hrs/day, 4 days/week), and used abeka. So we continued with abeka for K since he was doing great with it. He still is doing really well but he does NOT enjoy the workbooks. They seem to be just busy work that reinforces (to me) that he knows what we've been working on.

We've been super relaxed since our winter break and I'm just noticing my kids are so happy to play freely when I let them. They still work on things when they feel like it, and although we havent been working on lessons they are still learning.

I guess part of my worrying is that if we abandon our curriculum ds wont learn to read... which I guess is silly for me to worry about because he is very interested in it naturally. We're working on sounds and blends with abeka and Im worried if we stop working with their format he'll forget what he's already learned and fall "behind" in reading.

Sorry this became kind of jumbled up and random...

If anyone has any thoughts or experience in relation to my concerns.... OR if you unschool and can share how you spend most of your time.... how often you get out to allow for life learning.... things you make sure you get covered in one way or another to make sure the basics are being thought about....

And how on earth you just let so many worries GO and trust that your kids will learn naturally???
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