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Re: Unschoolers~~~ Can you give me some insight? Considering loosing the curriculum

Hey there RainandRedemption!

Glad you decided to post about this topic.

Our family doesn't identify as unschoolers, I like to say we do our own thing. Unschooling is the closest philosophy to what it is we do. I have 4 daughters and unlike most of the PPs I have older children. My DDs range in ages from 4.5 to 12 yrs old. We don't use workbooks and I really don't really have many assignments for my girls.

We aren't terribly concerned about my younger ones not learning to read. This is very rare and you often hear of children picking up reading on their own. My just turned 8 yr old DD knows her alphabet but she isn't reading or writing many words. We sometimes work on words but it is in a way where I just ask her to spell a word or write it and it is for a few minutes. I don't worry because I know she will be picking it up on her own soon and I am really going for the love of learning things rather than the amount of knowledge one has acquired by a certain age.

I try to do different fun things where my girls can learn while having fun at the same time. Yesterday we were @ a chocolate factory. Great learning experience. My ODD came home and wrote a bit about our trip in her notebook. She has SO many empty notebooks and I suggested that her goal should be to start using them. We are going to the art museum this weekend for a mythology event. I see this as a great opportunity to learn about art and mythology. Really we just do whatever neat things come our way. It could be visiting the library, go to the science museum or having my girls visit the nature park. It could also be writing a letter to their penpal or looking @ a magazine.

A few weeks ago we started a literature circle. This has been a great experience for my girls. We love going! Currently my 2 ODDs are reading/listening to the audio book of Johnny Tremain. I am sure if it wasn't for the literature circle my almost 11 yr old wouldn't have wanted to read Johnny T. She started it and wasn't crazy about it but then she found out about him burning his hand and wanted to get hear that part. I also know she was enjoying the part where someone was being spoken to very, very harshly (might be Johnny T. but I don't know since I haven't read the story).

Do I have doubts? Of course but then again everyone has doubts whether your kid is in school , homeschooled or not.

Last night it is time for bed and my ODD is looking for her book. I tell her not to worry about it, it's not like she is going to be reading much it before going to bed and that she will find it in the AM. She is upset and wants to keep looking for it because she sleeps w/ the book by her pillow. This isn't something that I ever ask her to do and I had no reading requirements for her. She does enjoy reading and of course hates when she can't find her things. I found the book this morning and put it by her pillow. Point of this story is your kids will learn to read even if you don't have them on a curriculum.

Best wishes on your journey and feel free to ask more questions.
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