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Re: If I had known...

I TOTALLY agree!! I had one in my NB stash and about 6 weeks before my due date I read a rave review by a mama here and bought a few more. I'm so glad I did because they are fantastic. I wish I'd skipped the prefolds and covers and bought a stash of these. Both DH and I always reach for them first. Hands down my favorite NB dipe (and I tried a lot of them).

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How long did they realistically fit for? My first was a 9 pounder so I'm assuming my next will be on the larger size too so newborn soakers are really short term at least what we got but I see these are supposed got up to 16lb which is promising.
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I'm absolutely going to get some of these Simplex NB's. My dilemma is whether to do the rental program and get a bunch for only a month or two, or buy my own and hope we get to use them for several months. My babies are usually huge at birth (9-10 lbs).
My chunk a monk was 9.7 at birth and is now 2 months and around 12lbs. We're still on the middle snaps and they fit his chubby thighs well without any pinching. These are the only NB dipes that still fit him well. I think we'll get another full month out of them, possibly a bit longer. I personally would buy my own and then sell (they have a high resale value).

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No leaking? Are they more absorbent than BGxs?
They only leaked once for us and that was overnight after 10 hours with no doubler. BGXS can't hold a candle to these. He could out pee the BGs at a week old.
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