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Re: JuneBirds 2010 April Chatter

Yikes Elena! It's going to be 80 here tomorrow and then 58 the rest of the week, I think. tonight we had a bit of a thunderstorm, mostly lightning, very little rain.
I would totally complain about the tax people! 2 hrs is too long for ME, much less the ittys! We did ours online with the IRS (taxact) and they find us money they owe us that hana wouldn't have thought of so

Funny, it seems like spring break should be the less hectic time, not the time when you need them back in school so it slows down, lol. My kids don't have spring break til the week of Good Friday. I am planning on decorating eggs with them and the babe and doing a lot of hiking.

Ok, I am over the whining about my fat a.., lol.

I have to tell you all something Kailani did that we are still laughing about. The other day, in bed, I was shirtless as usual and to be funny, Hana pretended to nurse. Kailani was PISSED! he wasn't even trying to nurse but as soon as he saw Hana coming for me, he would put his head in between my chest and hana's head! Every time! And then the next day, K and I were wrestling on the carpet and hana crawled over to play fight and he was pretending to fight me (we were giggling and stuff the way we "fight" with Kailani, so it was nothing for him to be concerned about) and Kailani immediately put himself between us, headbutting him and using his hand to push him away. It made Hana very happy to see little man protecting his mama (even from him, lol).

well, the boys have off tomorrow for teacher workday, and I am hoping this storm sticks around so that hana has off....but if not, the boys and I will go on a hike, do some of our Easter devotion book and a few other things that I have totally blanked on now, oops.
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