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Re: JuneBirds 2010 April Chatter

Elena - I would of pitched an ever loving fit about them running 2 hours behind! So glad you got them done though. We haven't gotten Henna's birth certificate yet so we have no SSN for her so I'm not sure how we are going to deal with our taxes.

I'm not too bummed about DH being so busy, it's the sleeping that is annoying. Not that I don't think he should sleep but it's hard to explain to a toddler and a 10 month old that even though daddy's in the next room they can't see him EVER. It makes home life difficult and the fact that our house is about 800 sq ft doesn't leave a lot of room for him to find a spot out of the way.

My visit with my mom was pretty good - she had a couple breakdowns, she's always on me that the house isn't clean in the pictures - laundry is folded but not put away toys are laying on the floor yadda yadda...yeah her tune has changed. I have ONE closest that is 3 feet wide by 1 foot deep - that's it. She cried because I have no space to put anything, and because the housing here is so damn small, and that Brian wants to be around but can't and how the kids are just so good but take up so much time...basically everything that is my reality no one believed...and then she came and lived it. She also visited some of my friends houses, no one has closets here so everything is "put away" in tubs or boxes and stacked. Oiy life in Britain. My dad and sister come next week - I get along with my mom alright (minus the I suck at housewife thing that drives her crazy) but my dad and I do not do well - so we will see what happens.

AFH: She can say mama really well, and babas when she actually see's DH. She's starting to get a bit of a tude, when she realizes that I know what she wants but won't give it to her she pitches a bit of a fit...for instance those itty bitty popsicles, I give her one now and then to help with her teeth and she loves them and always goes to the freezer for another and I just tell her no and she starts screaming. She also is starting to be a bit pushy with her sister - for instance if she has a toy and Zaylee tries to take it Henna will in fact attack her and try to bite her....I'm at a total loss with her somedays. Zaylee has also taught Henna how to scream and Zaylee with scream then Henna will scream louder and then Zaylee with scream louder and then Henna and so on and so forth....Lord beer me strength.
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