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Re: Need help: On crutches with 5m old

Im sorry to hear about your knee!

I had a broken ankle when my oldest dd was about 6 months old. My dog pulled me down a flight of stairs!

i did alot of carrying her in the snugli (back then I didnt know about mts, she is 7 now!) but be careful b/c it could throw off your center of gravity/balance.

Also, my trick was to get a kitchen or office chair on wheels. Like the computer chair. I would rest my broken leg in the seat with my dd and push off with the other non broken leg. I was able to do it all this way! I imagine with a knee though it would be more difficult. Perhaps you could sit the other way on the seat with your dd on your lap that way? You could push off backwards with the mobile leg.

As for stairs, I just went down on my butt Could you get an air mattress for downstairs until your better?
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