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Re: My almost 6 y/o is writing on EVERYTHING! I am going bonkers

Originally Posted by chandni3 View Post
Take away all markers, pens, crayons, give her only pencils (every writing medium in the house will have to be put up high where she can't get it). Tell her since she doesn't use them properly and colours on things, then she isn't old enough to play with them.
I wish this was an option. She's a monkey and I don't have any place (quite literally) that I can put something that she can't get to it. And, TBH, I just feel like she's simply too old for me to have to do that with. My 4 y/o DS doesn't do this b/c he knows better. I should be able to trust her not to draw on everything when I'm not looking. It's ridiculous. UGH!

Alternatively, take away anything she has written on that is hers. Tell her it is ruined and now you have to throw it out (if you can wash it off, do so and just put it away for a while).
At the VERY LEAST, she will lose what she has drawn on. There aren't many stuffed animals left, as we just recently purged, and I've kinda been looking for a reason to get rid of more. I hate stuffed animals. She never PLAYS with them. So they irritate me. And now she's scribbling on them. I'd rather just dump them all. But I am still thinking on it. I won't do anything that is just driven by pure emotion and is unfair.

Also, I would have made her wash all the cabinet for writing on them even if she can't get the marks off, but it might be too late to do that punishment now.
That occurred to me while I was washing the pen off the cabinet today, before I discovered the stuffed animals and dolls. I may STILL do it b/c obviously she is not learning her lesson, and she is old enough to remember drawing on the built ins, so it isn't like she would have no idea why she's being punished. Plus it could use a good dusting.

I do agree with not giving her her new toys too. Tell her she can't be trusted with them. Show them to her and put them up high and then if she doesn't colour on anything for a certain period of time she gets one toy. After a second time period she gets another toy. Etc
Might do that. I am thinking on it and will disucss it with DH. We give the kids gifts each yr on our Wedding Anniversary. We don't celebrate Xmas. Our Anniversary is Dec 31st. We only got her 3 gifts. So possibly, if she has proven herself capable by then, she will get them. But I need to see a serious turn around in her behavior and responsibility level.

Originally Posted by nicolemariep View Post
I would probably also take away some/all of her toys (not sure how practical that is for you) and explain that because she couldn't show respect for things, she can't have things. I wouldn't give the toys away (probably box them up in the garage for awhile and let her earn them back), and I would absolutely not let her pick anything to keep. Though, I am kind of a hard-a when it comes to stuff like that. She's old enough to not be doing this, and old enough to learn a lesson from it.
I am a total hard-butt too. And this is what I am leaning towards doing.

I guess I should add that this is in COMBINATION with her refusal to pick up toys in her room. It's not like I expect her room to look spotless. But it's NOT difficult to put away your stuff when you are done with it. I remind her over and over, we wind up going through a big ordeal just to get her to pick up after herself.

She's even refused after multiple warnings and then had toys bagged up and taken away. It doesn't phase her.

So this is kind of connected to me. She just seems to have a lack of respect for the things she has, and now for other people's things too. (one of the stuffed animals and one of the dolls were MINE from when I was little, not hers. And yes, she knows the difference.) So I think I see this as a bigger issue and as a result, I am thinking just taking everything away is the best hing to do.

She can play with ONE or TWO toys and learn to care for them, and then maybe get more.

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