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Re: Loss/Losses before this pregnancy?

I've had two losses. My first was the full term still birth of my son Glenn. My second loss was this June. It was a late 1st trimester loss but I didn't discover it until I should have been almost 16 weeks along. I never had any spotting or anything to tell me my precious baby had passed. We had even heard the heartbeat. I had a D&E and was told by the OB to wait until I had one normal cycle and then go ahead and try again. So here we are! I had a hard time even believing the positive test. I was so sure it was just left over hormones from them miscarriage. I've been POAS every day for over a week now watching the line get darker and darker. Today I finally got a beautiful line as dark as the control. I'm also nice and queasy (never thought I say that! LOL) and almost lost my dinner the other night. I never thought I'd be so happy to feel sick. Now I'm just praying I get to keep this angel with me.

I should add that I have two beautiful children. My 5yo DD and my almost 2yo DS. I love them so much and hope with every fiber of my being to be able to give them a little brother or sister this April. Heck at this point I'd even be perfect happy with twins even though they scare the crap out of me!

Here is to a happy, healthy 9 moths for all of us!
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