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Re: daffodil new years day 2010 chat

Hi ladies!

I've been having trouble getting a chance to post - too hard to type one handed. Then, dh left the laptop on the floor & dd stepped on it in the middle of the night & cracked the screen. we had to hook it up to a monitor to use it & it gives me bad headaches...

brought dd back to the Dr on Tuesday. She no longer is thinking bowel obstruction. dd gained approx an 1 oz a day from the time we saw her last. we go back in next week, hopefully she will be back to birthweight by then.

Dd is so tiny & sweet! We all love having a new baby in the house. I'm still struggling to recover from the birth. And now i have a UTi. so annoyed - my dr called in Macrobid & I took 2 doses before finding out you are not supposed to take it if nursing a baby under 1 month. Why did this not occur to my dr as being necessary to tell/ask me? of course, macrobid has never worked for me in the past, so I guess a trip down the hill to the HFS was inevitable,anyway...

I hope that the other Moms having trouble with BF find it gets easier for them!!!

Happy new year!
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