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Too much sleeping

I know! Don't hate me.

Background is a big baby at birth who has established textbook nursing habits (a far cry from my DS a few years ago). She nurses every 2-3 or occasionally 4 hours through the day and has been extending her nightimes gradually to 5-6 hours. Last night at 4.5 weeks old she slept 9 hours (8pm-5am) without having a really big meal! My DS is three and has literally NEVER slept that long in his whole blessed life.

Anyway...I should be happy but I'm actually concerned with milk supply. Looking for those with experience with good sleepers. Should I be pumping through the day? She only ever nurses on one side at a time too. I'm definitely gong to pump both sides before going to bed now but need advice on how to handle this if she keeps up these great sleeping habits. I've set the bar low after our experience with her brother and I realize she might stop sleeping too! Just don't want my milk to drop fast (I had some supply issues with DS) so I'm sort of paranoid.

Thanks in advance
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