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Originally Posted by gina1921
I still breastfeed my 18mo old and if I drink more than 1 glass, or if I feel the effects at all, I do not breastfeed until a few hours have passed. I am lucky to not be overly uncomfortable if I miss a feeding, so I don't pump/dump. Might sleep with an extra pillow though
My son is 9 mos and I'm pretty similar to you. He will typically STTN on the weekends (not sure if it's bc he is put down later or what but I wish we could do it during the week too- Momma yawns a lot at work!!) on Saturday nights, Daddy & Momma relax with a few cocktails and some music. We don't last long now that we're not as young as we used to be! But I enjoy spending time with him like we could before the kids and it helps to reconnect.

Since alcohol doesn't get trapped in your milk, I just feed him in the morning once I'm not tipsy anymore.

I would agree with others that drinking while preggo is unsafe and would make me nervous. I know I must have had a few drinks in me before I knew about either of my babies, but once I knew I couldn't have any more.
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