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Re: When to worry about a fever?

Originally Posted by halyled
Where was the rash? Some of what you've described sounds like the flu (the fever, unspecific achiness and coughing, and the lethargy--standing and staring at you after peeing on the floor instead of dashing for the potty), but the rash makes me wonder if it's one of the childhood viruses that causes a rash. Are his cheeks still red (fifth disease maybe)? Or has he had strep recently (which can cause scarlet fever)?
He's never had strep... or 5th that I know of. The rash was on his butt & lower back. It's pretty much gone now, just a tad still there. His cheeks aren't as red now that he took a cool bath.

He's watching Blues Clues now & eating cereal. His eating is fine so that's good.
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