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Re: Picture Overload =)

I completely agree with keeping only the "nice" things, or buying the "best" things. In every aspect. Yes the cost is more up front, but it does pay off in the end!

My problem right now is, having too many "nice" things and not wanting to part with any of it! My husband doesn't want to part with many of our "nice" toy items, the rest is up to me, but he bases everything off of, "well I see them play with it, I saw the kids play with it just the other day!" Ok, Ok, we'll hold onto it. Yeah, not so much. I need to have a yard sale, but in an apartment, that's just not going to happen. Therefore I need to take photos of many things and get them listed. I just get tired of having to meet up with people to sell things, especially cheaper nice items, it's not worth the cost of driving. That is where a yard sale would come in handy. However, I have sent like 3 boxes worth of things to Good Will recently and I have another box loaded up and waiting to be donated. All nicer items this time as I've purged the junk already. All items that would be great for a yard sale, but the ease in donating is so much better!
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