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I coupon pretty heavily, and advocate couponing a lot.

First-only buy what you will need/use before it expires and what you can reasonably store. If you don't have room to store 6 months of toilet paper, even if it's free, don't buy it. If you NEVER eat pasta that isn't whole grain, don't buy white pasta, even if you can get it free. The ONLY exception to that is if you are buying it to donate it AND are dropping it off at your chosen donation site on your way home.

Second-start small. I started with your standard plastic little coupon holder that you get in the office supply section at walmart-those little plastic file folder things. And I started with one store, Meijer. I didn't even get CVS figured out until I started working there.

Third-realize that you won't catch every deal...and that's ok. Likewise, realize that you won't get the same deals as other people will. I can't get the same deals as even other people in my same city, because the stores close to them treat coupons differently than mine do. And traveling across Indy to get those deals isn't worth it to me. Sure I could get more free stuff, but at the cost of the gas to get there...doesn't make sense.

Some websites to check out:

Lots of tips, tricks, coupons and matchups on those sites.

Money Saving Mom is just a great thrifty and money saving blog in general. She doesn't actually do the matchups herself, that I can tell anyway, she really just has more of a database of matchups from all sorts of other websites. I have seen more stores there than anywhere else, that link to blogs that do those store matchups.

Printable Coupons and Deals is like a database of coupon printables. They have links to lots of manufacturer prints as well as other prints.

Coupon mom is another great large matchup site. There's also a forum where people share the deals they have done locally. I like it because there's a lot of folks who are in my area sharing deals they have found, on the forum. The matchups themselves are good, but I usually can find better elsewhere.

Organic deals is a blog for organic coupons and matchups. I don't use it because I don't find organic to be worth the difference in cost. is of course a website to print lots of online printable coupons.
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