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Re: Facing my second breech c-section :( Help me with my birth plan.

Originally Posted by Riverdavidsmama View Post

Hadn't thought of that - I just know I had a really bad reaction to the IV drugs last time and itched myself BLOODY head to toe. I could NOT stop. I'm thinking the sooner I can get off that the better.

Even if you go with your original plan pull your old records find out what they gave you then sit down with your ob and try to figure out which medication you reacted to. The IV probably isn't the problem more then likely it is one of the drugs. I had a very bad reaction to morphine couldn't stay awake puked non-stop etc after some reproductive surgery. I discussed my morphine issues with my ob and she had to do some planning but was able to eliminate it completely. The only option for my planned C-section (breech baby) was a spinal block because that was the only nerve block that didn't use morphine and they then gave me Demerol afterwards. Recovery from surgery was night and day difference once the drug I couldn't handle was eliminated.
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