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My 3 year old has been begging to go "up up" lately and this is getting too small for her to snuggle in the way she likes. It's a Two Mommas Designs full buckle in the toddler size. The body is made of a super soft grad-dyed Didymos hemp Indio wrap and goes from purple/pink/peach to green. The opposite side has the colors reversed so the green is at the top. Straps and waist are "bone" twill (a light gray/stone color). No sleep hood but includes a continuous-loop webbing chest strap.

Asking $115 ppd within the US. Please make this easy on me, I love this carrier (made of my favorite wrap ever) and thought it would see us to the end of our BWing days, but we need to upgrade to a preschool size!

Measurements are:
Waist: ~27" of padding
Straps: ~18.5" of padding
Height of body: 21"
Width of body at waistband: 17"
Width of body at narrowest point: 16.5"
Width of body at widest point: 21"

This is dd2 in this carrier last summer at 2.5 and 36" tall.

Correct side:

Reverse side (technically TMDs are not reversible but we have worn them reversed with great success):

Decorative stitching on waist/shoulder straps:

This is a comparison with two of the same size carriers, the one for sale is the one younger dd is in, but showing older dd at almost 5 in it for reference. Dh did wear dd1 in the carrier for sale around her 5th birthday in an emergency and found it relatively comfortable.

We are a non-smoking home with pets. The carrier has been freshly laundered and will be lint-brushed before shipping. Carrier will be shipped USPS Priority Mail with DC and insurance within 24 hours of receiving payment.

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