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Re: good b-day gift for a 2 year old

Fingerpaints, bubbles, playdoh!
You would forever be banned from parties at my house if you brought these for my 2 yo!! lol Just kidding, actually I love giving kids artsy stuff, paints and paper and stuff. Probably bcs I am artsy and want to share the love. But I get that first comment a lot from other parents when I suggest those things. it is like a lot of parents around here are trying to get through their kid's childhood mess free?! How that is even possible I have no idea! If you are going to give paints though, I suggest a cute art smock/apron you can have your kids decorate one from Michaels (I am pretty sure they have plain canvas ones you can use fabric paint on) that would be something no one else is going to give him/her!
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