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Originally Posted by Dory View Post
I'm not exactly sure what I'm looking for, but if anyone has looked for the same results, I'd love to hear advice or experience, or whatever.

I am currently a DDD. They are the saddest looking DDDs ever. I like the size, but I want them up a lot higher, round again, firm would be great, and even would be super cool. I want those that look awesome without a bra. I probably won't even care if they're obviously fake.

So do I want a reduction and implants? Lift and implants? It won't be something I do soon. We aren't 100% sure we're done having kids, and if we have another I want to breastfeed. I've also been working on losing a good amount of weight, so I want to get to my goal weight first.
Any input?
If you're fine with size I'd go for a lift!
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